Who joins a Shed

Men who join a Shed have as mixed a bunch of interests as you’ll find anywhere in the general community.  Some have certain jobs and projects they work at on the extensive machinery and workspace facilities provided.  Others find a place to learn different skills.

A major theme of Men’s Sheds all around Australia is to help men enjoy life and avoid isolation that can lead to loss of positive self-belief and potentially difficult moods.  At Men’s Shed Pomona we have an active health program that provides information and encouragement to look after ourselves and also watch out for signs that other members or others that we care for are maybe slipping away from positive ways of looking after themselves.

The underlying opportunity in Men’s Shed Pomona is enjoyment.  We run the Shed through a formal committee system and work effectively to provide whatever ‘enjoyment’ means for any man through the extensive workshop facilities and social activities that bring us together as men (and sometimes with partners and family).  If that seems to be what you need, or you feel it may be good for someone you care for, you are very welcome to call by and see what the Shed has available as a positive lifestyle option in our community.

Why Join a Shed?

Men who join the Men’s Shed Pomona have a wide range of interests and skills for the opportunities they find in a Men’s Shed. And it’s not just left at that for men who want to build knowledge and skills for tasks and activities they intend to pursue.  To this end there is a strong formal induction and orientation system in the shed to ensure members are comfortable to follow their interests and complete high quality projects if that is their aim.