Mission and Values

The Men’s Shed Pomona provides a friendly place for people to mix in a diverse range of activities.

Our general objectives in providing this are as wide as the interest of our members, but in some defining of what we set out to atchieve, the formal mission or objectives are.

  • Manual arts ( wood working, metal work)
  • Creative arts (sculpture, pottery, painting)
  • Intellectual activities (discussion groups, lectures)
  • Communitie Contributions (assisting the community and involvment)


Our values are build around respect for each other, respect for the shed and its amenities. 

Developing ourselfs in the company of other good men.

To enjoy life and find fulfilment in the many forms that can do that.


  • Honesty and intergity in all our activities
  • Responsive to the need of other members
  • Acting in a safe and non intrusive way in our activities around other members.
  • Respect for the volunteer committee members, instructors and supervisors
  • Appreciation of the contribution by partners, sponsors and community groups.
  • Responsiblity and generosity in giving back to the community
  • Sincerity to improve mens health and wellbing among ourselfs and the community